Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The official Mixtape Crack blogspot is in effect.

Yo this is the new spot for select mixtape rips from collections of a handful of close friends and also from my own personal collection. There's no particular format - just whatever's dope and these first few posts will consist of rips from tapes that had the most impact on me growing up in the DC area during the early/mid-90s.

That said, expect some rare-ish Go Go PA tapes that I've ripped... as well as some extremely rare tape tape rips of Baltimore's now-defunct V103 [102.7 FM]. Those are mostly hip-hop and early bmore club from DJs who were considered part of the core body of individuals responsible for the sound of baltimore club music. Heat. You definitely won't find these ANYWHERE else. Unless it came from me first and they're frontin.

That said, please do enjoy the fruits of my labor and if that means spreading the oldschool sound of DC and Baltimore throughout the world, then my job here is done. This was a great place to grow up, and the area is rich in culture that is widely undocumented. The radio culture of the late 80s and early 90s was especially exciting - with even the top two Urban FM stations (WPGC and WKYS) contributing with DJ mix shows at least a few times a week at night that were just killer. So this is my personal documentation of that magical era.

One more thing....
I've been literally scouring the internet for years, searching for any recorded material from WPGC's AM sister-station which was 1580 AM (THE FLAVA). I stumbled upon it completely by accident one day in high school - messing with the clock radio in our kitchen. After that day - the clock radio STAYED on AM 1580, much to the annoyance of my mother. It was a Gospel station during the weekdays, but they would switch over to THE FLAVA afterdark - and they had absolutely the BEST programming imaginable. No R&B; strictly ruffneck dancehall, hip hop and Go Go. Some of the areas most respected Urban DJs from KYS and WPGC got their start on THE FLAVA so I'm amazed there's no tapes out there anywhere. I kinda have a gut feeling that tapes DO exist, so this is my opportunity to ask ANYONE OUT THERE who may have tapes from DC's FLAVA 1580 AM to PLEASE get in touch so I can make those permanent. Simply reply to this via Comment or in any post's Comment section with email or something and I'll get in touch immediately. I *WILL* pay money for Flava 1580 tapes. That shit is priceless.

That's all. Enjoy the beats.


Go Go Craig said...

Where is the link to the beats bama?

AMP said...

D-O-P-E! Love the banner yo! Reminds me of the 80's D.C. transition from PCP culture to Crack culture. I know my view of the world is skewed in drug terms, but there's no denying that these drugs had a massive impact on D.C.'s anthropomorphic evolution.

PMX = King of the Mixtape!