Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DJ Jazzy Jeff - Block Party mixes [Capital Radio UK 1993]

These were recorded on cassette straight off the FM signal in London sometime around 1993/94. These mixes are some of the most valuable out of all my collection; recorded mixtape-style with a little intro at the beginning (he shouts out DC Crew at start of 35 min. mix - I guess that's me?) and then awesome ruffneck dancehall and hip hop selections. Very much captures the essence of 93/94 hip hop and urban FM in places like NYC, DC and London... enjoy

Jazzy Jeff - Blockparty (Westwood / Capital FM) 93/94

Jazzy Jeff - New Blockparty 93/94 [Part 1]

Jazzy Jeff - New Blockparty 93/94 [Part 2]

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